Sunday, April 03, 2005

God Does What We Could Never Do

On a whim, I sent my last post on Life and Death in the USA to the Letters section of the Columbia Daily Herald, a paper not known for many pro-Christian writings on the editorial page. Oddly enough, it was published less the ending scripture and the prayer of salvation language in the body of the text. It received top left column billing on the editorial page in an edition that featured all the Mule Day festivities and the death of the Pope. With an alleged 100,000 visitors in town for Mule Day, (my count is closer to 10,000 maybe) this is probably the biggest run of the Herald of the year. I probably could not buy an ad that would be this effective at spreading God's word, but God has ways of using even the most secular publications to further His cause and speak to His people. This is another example of trusting in God and giving Him the chance to do His thing, in His way, and in His time frame. Glory be to God in the Highest! His ways are way beyond anything we can imagine!

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